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Our Mission

EHF's goal is to generate and communicate knowledge regarding food, drug and environmental interactions with endocrine systems and their impact on health and disease.  EHF endeavors to promote reasoned, evidence-based open discussion among scientists from academia, government, and industry in order to encourage creative solutions to difficult questions. Areas of interest include:

Proposed Projects

CONFERENCES AND COLLOQUIA   EHF will organize and lead conferences and colloquia that bring together multidisciplinary scientists and engineers from all arenas to encourage open collaboration and discussion.

POSITION PAPERS AND DATA REPOSITORIES  EHF will edit and e-publish position papers arising from multidisciplinary conferences and proceedings.  Whenever possible EHF will consolidate data into reviews and resource tables.

TRAINING AND EDUCATION EHF will develop course materials and web-based content to assist in the education of scientific peers and policymakers.

RESEARCH PROJECTS-BENCH AND BEDSIDE EHF will seek funds to support investigators and their students and assist in design of experiments and clinical trials.

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