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BioMedWorks(R) serves the needs of healthcare, education and research nonprofit organizations. We help promote the goals of universities, philanthropic and independent research institutions and assist commercial entities in their partnering with, and gifting to, deserving nonprofits. We also are a proud sponsor of the nonprofit, Endocrine Health Foundation. EHF's goal is to generate and communicate knowledge regarding food, drug and environmental interactions with endocrine systems and their impact on health and disease. EHF endeavors to promote reasoned, evidence-based open discussion among scientists from academia, government, and industry in order to encourage creative solutions to difficult questions.

Our 'Good Works'
  • Grant Application Review & Evaluation
  • Scientific Advisory Functions
  • Crafting Policy and Mission Goals
  • Intellectual Property Development
  • Technology Transfer & Licensing
  • Internet and Electronic Resource Development
  • Structuring ForProfit Subsidiaries of NonProfits
  • Internal Review Board Advising
  • Peer Review Activities
  • Content Development and Writing
  • BioMedWorks(R) past Good Works

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